Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Subpersonalities  - You're not entirely who you think you are...
I used to wonder why I would behave a particular way in different situations. Then along came some courses on subpersonalities. Is it really true that we are made up of a plethora of different personalities that come out to play at different times? mmmm hmmmm. And I'm not talking about dissociative identity disorder ( or what used to be called multiple personality disorder). No, sub-ps are an integral part of every human being. They are parts of us that may have developed in childhood to get a need met or may correspond to a role or job position we have taken on as an adult. Our ego is comprised of numerous selves, each with its own distinct energy. We may or may not be conscious to these selves. Those of us who go about our day on auto-pilot will most likely have no conception of when a particular subpersonality is operating. 

My song explains further the fascinating world of the sub-p. Happy listening!

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